Black Belt Recruiting Will Turn Your Numerous Leads Into Business Partners

Black Belt Recruiting, Mike Dillard's latest training odyssey with Mark Wieser, will be released on July 22. This is the latest in a series of outstanding educational materials from Mike Dillard which include Magnetic Sponsoring and Building On A Budget.

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As all of us know, the life blood of any network marketing business is lead generation. Internet network marketing has allowed marketers to use Web 2.0 strategies to generate large numbers of prospects eager to provide their personal information and learn more about your business opportunity.

But, on-line lead generation is only half of the equation. The big question is:

"How do I pick up the phone and turn these leads into new team members?"

Are you familiar with the top three mistakes most marketers make when talking to prospects? Would you like to know what to do differently? Learn these skills,now!

Do you believe you have the leadership skills to turn a prospect into a productive member of your team? Would you know how to sponsor a new member if you haven't sponsored one before?

What do you say when someone asks you a question like, "How much money you are making in the business?"

Can you take a position of power?

This is a business of massive action. And,

massive action = massive results!

So, get started and check the link below to learn more about developing massive recruiting skills.

To Your Continued Success!

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