Going Rogue - How I Came to Embrace the Renegade Network Marketing Approach!

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Hi! I'm Greg, the Network Marketing Rogue. This is my story of going rogue and applying the principles of renegade network marketing to my business. I hail from from Arlington, Virginia. Arlington is an incredible place. Situated along the Potomac River, it is home to the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery and Ronald Reagan Airport. It is described as the gateway to the Nation's Capital, Washington DC.

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Arlington VA - A Great Place To Live and To Visit

My Background

I worked for the government for 27 years before I got involved with network marketing. Like most folks, I had to kick, scratch, and fight to get ahead. When I "retired" I knew that I would have to supplement my income so I started looking for ways to be my own boss. My hope was that this arena would be the gateway to time and financial freedom.

I actually was introduced to the concept by the Banquet manager who organized my retirement party. (So there is something to be said about handing out tools - albeit the old fashioned way).

I found something that complemented what I had done for 27 years so I signed up for the business opportunity. Though there were times when I did remarkably well - one day I made over $5,000 - this did not happen nearly often enough nor was there any consistency to be comfortable.

I did what my team suggested that all network marketers do:

- attend the weekly meetings

- make a commitment for at least a year

- make your names list

- hand out tools every day

- talk to everyone within three feet of you, etc.

However, these techniques were not effective. Sound familiar?

Going Rogue. Jim Dandy to the Rescue

So I decided to "Go Rogue." I started looking for others ways to do marketing. Once again fate came my way when I was updating my Linked In page. I saw an advertisement shrewdly warning me as a member of my business opportunity about secrets my upline hadn't told me about. Of course, it was from Ann Sieg, The Renegade Network Marketer.

I checked out here books, "The Seven Great Lies of Network Marketing" and "The Renegade Network Marketer" and began to understand the importance of attraction marketing. I had recently watched the movie, "The Secret" which outlined the natural "laws of attraction."

So, I created my going rogue website - Network Marketing Rogue - as a site that promoted a "rogue" or "renegade" or "contrarian" approach, if you will, to the traditional way of network marketing by use of attraction marketing techniques.

This effort has grown with the advent of Mike Klingler's Renegade University and Mike Dillard's "Magnetic Sponsoring."

Solo Build It! taught me the correct way to build a web site - one that works - through offering valuable content that builds traffic, valuable content that pre-sells visitors and monetizes the site.

So going rogue, by changing from the old fashioned method of network marketing to the new, attraction marketing method using the internet has been a blessing for me. I now have hundreds of prospects visiting my site each month who are seeking me out rather than me trying to track them down.

This system is brilliant and has brought me great success and great fun!

All the best to you and yours!

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