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** The terms network marketing, and multilevelmarketing or MLM will be used interchangeably in this discussion. **

Ever wondered who you should trust when researching information on network marketing opportunities? Your family? Your friends? A college professor? The most broke person you know? : )

Read on for the answer!

When Researching MLM, How Do You Know Who To Take Advice From?

What is a MLM business? How does it compare to other traditional businesses?

What is MLM?

It's time to put the "net" back into NETwork Marketing! You need a constant stream of prospects to achieve network marketing success. Click here for more information on how to effectively use the internet to get prospects calling you for more information!

Network Marketing

Once you have generated your leads with SBI, use the Brilliant Compensation products to close those prospects and bring network marketing success!

Recruit More Distributors

Learn How MLM Works by understanding each persons roles and responsibilities.

How MLM Works

Is MLM legal? Is it ethical? Who decides? Is it a "pyramid scheme?" Learn the answer below!

Is MLM Legal?
Is MLM Ethical?

How do you define "first-class" MLM from network marketing information? What are the guidelines for someone who practices "first-class" MLM?

What is First-Class MLM?

s your interest in MLM to help other people? Is it to supplement your income? Is it for the social aspects? Do you want to be a stay-at-home spouse? Understand why MLM may in fact be just the right opportunity for you!

Why Look at MLM?

Now that your interest level has peaked, how do you evaluate a MLM company? By their products? By their longevity? By their compensation plan? This is network marketing information at its best! Continue on!

How to Evaluate an MLM Company

Let's put things into an ethical perspective when big numbers are being bandied around!

What is a Trillion?

What is the difference between a "pyramid scheme," MLM, and a traditional pyramid business organization (like the type most people work for?)

Pyramid Schemes and Scams…

In network marketing information, we learn whether MLMs triangle shape makes it a pyramid? Are there other legitimate triangle shaped organizations?

Multi-Level Marketing Is Shaped Like a Pyramid…

Is it true that people at the top of a MLM company are making the most money? Is that in fact true for most companies?

In MLM, Are the People At the Top Making Most of the Money?

What is the failure rate in MLM? What is the failure rate in most of one's challenging quests? Diet, exercise, business start-up? Is it really any different? Valuable information on network marketing could bring you great success!

Do Most People Fail in MLM?

Do commission levels add to the price of the product any more than traditional advertising does? Be sure to see the enclosed graphic!

Do Levels of Commission in MLM Add to the Price of the Product?

Can a MLM collapse because there are no more new people? Is that mathematically possible?

Do MLM Companies Collapse Because No More New People Join?

Do you know the history of network marketing and MLM? Network marketing information and education will serve you well in your journey to success!

The History of MLM

There is a difference between a Wholesale Buying Organization and a Retail Selling Organization. Be sure you know the difference before getting involved in an opportunity. This is good network marketing information!

Wholesale Buying Organizations versus Retail Selling Organizations

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