Renegade University Shows You How to Achieve Endless Lead Generation through Attraction Marketing.

I recently looked into this new concept - The Renegade University - and found it to be an excellent complement to the Renegade Network Marketer! It provides the nuts and bolts, or the "how to", for mastering Renegade marketing.

It really does an excellent job of distinguishing between old school network marketing and the new attraction marketing model for lead generation.

Listen to what the creator of Renegade University, Mike Klingler, had to say in this Video.

Many of us in network marketing and MLM may have learned the hard way.

Chasing friends and family or inviting strangers to meetings is FAR from following a PRACTICAL business plan.

Maybe you’ve tried the “cold-calling” game?


For most, cold-calling is a fast-track to complete burn out, and it usually burns a huge hole in your wallet while you’re at it.

“I spent years chasing friends, family and strangers. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on leads. I saw success, but very few people could follow what I did.” (Sound familiar?)

If your business is based on either of these two models you’re working way too hard and wasting a lot of money and time and you’re probably working harder on your ‘belief’ system than anything else just to stay on the treadmill another day.

Maybe You Thought Online Advertising Would Be the Answer?

Maybe Not!

You might have tried online marketing but you’ve learned success is more than putting up ads, promoting landing pages, and blasting out emails to your list—the formula is more specific.

Yes, Internet Marketing CAN BE Simple and it Certainly CAN BE Lucrative.

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Renegade University

Getting Started Right with Attraction Marketing…

Maybe you’ve read about the new attraction-based network marketing model or discovered variations of the funded-sponsoring proposal concept?

It’s not all the same - far from it.

If you’re like most people you’re going to need a lot more than just an e-book, conference call, CD series or thick training manual — you need step-by-step (show me where to go and what to do) detail.

You also need the support along the way to get your questions answered or to get guidance as you grow.

And… you need the means to use it to promote YOURSELF.

Renegade University is for the beginner, or the leader with ‘beginners’ on their team or list. We’re going to show you, step-by-step, how to get your personal marketing process set up like a Professional.

You’ll know how to… * Build Your Own Prospects list * Get Paid by Your Prospects as You Build Your List * Attract People to Your Network Marketing Business (they call, email and follow-up with you) * You’ll also learn how to become a true solutions provider.

A solutions provider is someone who attracts others to their network marketing business by providing value first, which pays income through multiple sources while you’re prospecting.

The model, as described in highly acclaimed books like The Renegade Network Marketer and Magnetic Sponsoring, is often referred to as ‘attraction marketing.’

It will be well worth your time (and bank account) to check out how the Renegade University guides you through attraction marketing and helps you build lead generation that others will marvel at.

Renegade University

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