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Passive Income

Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki has made a fortune teaching folks the importance of generating passive income by means of investment opportunities, such as real estate and businesses, with the ultimate goal of being able to support oneself by such investments alone.

He has written extensively on the value of creating networks, such as in network marketing opportunities and has made astounding predictions about the financial and housing markets.

Remarkably, Robert Kiyosaki predicted the collapse of Lehman Brothers back in March 2008 on Larry King Live. He has also predicted what we should expect over the next 5 years.

Robert is not appreciated by everyone, because of the hard & fast way in which he talks his walk.

And he has demonstrated throughout the years that he has a view of the future, is able to predict future changes and has the personal commitment to get himself ahead of the change.

In a recent webinar, T Kiyosaki stated "If you are not ahead of change, you become a victim of change." He also asked listeners, "Today, Are you out of money?" If so, you haven't made the commitment to change your circumstances. "If you are not in business - you are out of business!"

Kiyosaki Predicts Lehman Brothers Collapse and More

You do what you have to do to become what you want to become!

- Kiyosaki

T Kiyosaki refers to assets and liabilities in his teachings, as follows:

Assets are things that generate cash incoming cash flow, such as rental properties or businesses

Liabilities are things that generate outgoing cash flow, such as house payments, cars, and so on.

Kiyosaki stresses what he calls "financial literacy" as the means to obtaining wealth. He says that life skills are often best learned through experience and that there are important lessons not taught in school. He says that formal education is primarily for those seeking to be employees or self-employed individuals, and that this is an "Industrial Age idea." And according to Kiyosaki, in order to obtain financial freedom, one must be either a business owner or an investor, generating passive income.

Kiyosaki created what he refers to as The Cashflow Quadrant, a conceptual tool that aims to describe how money is earned. In the diagram below, this concept entails four groupings, split with two lines (one vertical and one horizontal). In each of the four groups there is a letter representing a way in which an individual may earn income. The letters are as follows.

* E: Employee — Working for someone else.

* S: Self-employed or Small business owner — Where a person owns his own job and is his own boss.

* B: (Big) Business owner — Where a person owns a "system" of making money, rather than a job to make money.

* I: Investor — Spending money in order to receive a larger payout in.

Needless to say, the big money is made in the B and I quadrants!

This is where you want to position yourself for wealth.

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