Reduce Taxes on Property with a Home Business


How would you like to reduce taxes on property and earnings, and learn how to keep more of the hard earned money you make every payday.

Save money - reduce taxes.

I know I wanted to do that. So, I attended a seminar presented by Dr. Ron Mueller, author of the best selling book. "Its How Much You Keep That Counts, Not How Much You Make!" Great title don't you think? And, very appropriate to our current situation of being taxed to death

I learned that people who have a home-based business are authorized deductions, including section 179 deductions, that result in savings of thousands of dollars each year.

I also learned that people who have home based business pay themselves first, then pay Uncle Sam later!

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If you run a Small or Home Based Business, you can reduce taxes on property and earnings this tax year by $300 to $600 per MONTH, STARTING THIS PAYDAY!


These are NOT:


"tax dodges",

"tax avoidance schemes"

What attracted me personally to this program was that the deductions described are honest, ethical, legal tax breaks authorized by Congress, published in the IRS Code, and approved by the Federal Tax Court. This was important to me.

Your Home-Based Business can add $3,000 to $6,000 to your Tax Refund, Year after Year!

That’s MORE THAN ENOUGH to PAY for ALL of the costs of running a home business! So the MONEY you EARN in your BUSINESS itself, will be 100% PROFIT!

And, you don't have to even attend a seminar! I have assembled some important preliminary information to get you started.

The Rules for Qualifying are Easy:

* Work your business 3 to 4 hours a week,

* Prove You’re Trying to Make a Profit,

* Keep Good business Records (Most Important).

As Dr. Ron Mueller explains, "It Gets Even BETTER!"

When Congress approved these tax breaks, they told the IRS: "Don't make them wait for April 15th to get their refunds."

As soon as you add up all of your tax savings, you can visit your employer's payroll office to fill out a short form that will begin to put up to $300-$600 or more per month in your take home pay-- beginning with your very next paycheck!


Could YOU use an EXTRA $100 POCKET CASH every week, week after week after week? That's just from tax savings, not even counting the money you'll make in your home-business!

Ready to get started?

LET DR. MUELLER TEACH YOU exactly what tax breaks are available to home-business owners and the precise IRS Code, Law or Tax Court Ruling that authorizes each tax deduction.

Reduce taxes on property and earnings. Learn the easiest ways to qualify for each of the huge tax breaks; simple record keeping systems to bullet-proof your Tax Returns; where to get reliable professional help when you need it, and much, much more!

Here are some examples:

- business cost deductions

- business expenses and tax

- tax deductible business expenses

- deduction of home office vs home based business

- deductions taxes

- expenses taxes

- income deductions

- overlooked tax deductions

- taxes paid and refunds

- property deductions

- reduce taxable income

- reducing tax

- section 179 deduction

- tax expense

- automobile mileage deduction

And, Much, Much more!


NOT having a home business is INSANE!

Reduce taxes on property and earnings. When I started my own home business, I began taking the deductions that Dr. Ron Mueller outlined in his book. Just the automobile mileage deduction can add up to $5,000 in tax savings each year!

A good friend of mine was able to deduct a significant amount of the cost of top of the line Recreational Vehicle he used to travel around the country visiting his team using the Section 179 deduction.

Applied Knowledge Is Power! Do not delay! Get a home based business NOW and get to work!


When this book was REVIEWED BY THE IRS, they didn’t ask for a single change to be made! This goes a long way towards the credibility of the book and the depth of reserach that went into preparing it!

Ron Mueller is THE #1 AUTHORITY in home-business tax law. He has introduced thousands of home-business owners and entrepreneurial CEOs to the tax savings intended by Congress to encourage Americans to start a home-based business, and to reward those who do.

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