The Correct Network Marketing Work At Home Business - It Will Bring You Great Satisfaction and Success!

Choosing the right work at home business will greatly reduce your network marketing frustration. Using the correct marketing system will virtually eliminate it!

There are over 400 network marketing companies in existence. Even traditional direct sales companies such as AVON, which has been in business for over 100 years, have implemented the network marketing model.

But selecting the network marketing, work-at-home business that is the best fit for you takes some due diligence. And, in the final analysis, it really is your decision - not someone trying to twist your arm!

Do you want to be involved with a company that is a start-up, or work with a rock solid company with a proven track record? Start-ups always scared me. Half of businesses in the United States fail the first year and half of the other half fail the second year!

Are you interested in a market that has considerable competition or one that has virtually no competition?

Are you interested in a product that nobody has but everyone needs? This may be a great place to start your journey to success!


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Why this may just be the right network marketing work at home company for you:

* 35-year-old company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE-PPD). (You must be invited onto the NYSE based upon performance).

* A product that everyone needs and virtually no one has: Life Events, Legal Services and Identity Theft Monitoring with full Restoration Services.

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the country. The need for this product is at the tipping point!

Don't believe us!

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Think back a few years ago. We all woke up one day and found out that not only could humans and animals get viruses, but our computer could get them as well! This epidemic spawned companies providing virus & spyware protection which achieved worldwide penetration in about 18 months! (Wouldn't have minded being in that industry!)

Identity Theft protection is about to see the same explosive growth. Just like people would not be without firewalls, virus & spyware protection (which needs to be updated almost every day), soon consumers will not dare be without an Identity Theft product to protect their credit and good name.

* 30 consecutive quarters of increased growth.

* A company that has received praise from no less than four former and current State Attorneys General and who make up the Company’s Advisory Council.

* A company whose CEO and Founder sits on the Board of the US Chamber of Commerce.

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Do your due diligence! A network marketing, work-at-home business will bring great satisfaction and success if chosen wisely!

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